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Onions on a neutral, mostly white background

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If onion prices were making you shed tears, today they might make you weep buckets. A shortage of onions in the market due to trader strikes across Maharashtra and Gujarat is likely to see the vegetable become more expensive, maybe even touch the Rs-100 mark in some areas.

According to Brahm Yadav, chairman, Delhi Agricultural Marketing BoardDelhi is likely to face a shortage of about 400 tonnes of onions on Tuesday. “Traders in Maharashtra and Gujarat have gone on strike due to the IT strikes and the order that they cannot sell for more than Rs 40. They have stopped buying from farmers in these areas.

Even trucks that set out on Monday were likely to be recalled. About 240 tonnes from Rajasthan and some small amount from MP will come into the wholesale market but that won’t be sufficient to meet the requirement of even Delhi. So there is no chance of sending any supply further to UP, Bengal and Assam,” he said.

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